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  Hi there, I'm Joel! Thank you for stopping by. Here's a little about me - I'm a Kansas City boy born-and-raised, who now calls New York City home. I just spent the last year living out of a suitcase and traveling the country with the national tour of 42nd Street. Working in new cities every week was incredibly fullfilling and exciting. Still, always being on the move, I found myself turning to my hobbies as a necessary constant in my day to day life. Exploring all over the US solidified my love for eating (and making) new foods, enjoying local art, and savoring an exceptional glass of red wine or craft beer.

  But enough about that; I’m really hoping you ended up here because you know what I do best: act, dance, or sing. I know, I know; I’m cheesy. I love musical theatre. I love to tap dance. My parents had me watching a lot of musicals as a kid, so blame them. You can also blame Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire. I know I do.